Women’s Ministry at Southside Church is known as WMs. We exist to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do and love and support each and every woman in our lives. This is what Mark 12: 29-31 looks like – we’re to love and exalt the Lord above everything else and to love one another as ourselves. That means we’re here for each other, we pray for each other, we walk alongside each other and “lift” one another up. There’s always room for one more, so please, join us as we serve Jesus and each other!

There are many opportunities to connect and enjoy fellowship, study the Word, help with church events, and minister to others outside the church walls. Stop by the WM’s Table in the Lobby or Email WM for event details and a monthly calendar. There’s something for everyone!

Regularly Scheduled WMs Events and Opportunities

WMs Gathering

The WMs Gathering is the second Tuesday of every month. Ladies meet at 7 p.m. in the Chapel for a time of sharing the Word and prayer. Featured speakers include anointed women from our own church as well as pastor’s wives throughout our area.


Once a quarter WMs meets on a Saturday morning for brunch. Our usual hangout is Fred’s Restaurant on Harden Blvd, but sometimes we meet in the Multipurpose Room for a potluck brunch. A devotional is shared and we enjoy great food and fellowship! Watch the weekly for upcoming Brunches and make plans to come!

Women's Prayer Group

The Women’s Prayer Group meets the last Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. with lunch following. This time together is one of intercessory prayer, connecting and building relationships, and truly living out “lifting each other.” Visit the WMs Table in the lobby for event location and details.

Ladies Night

This is a night of fun! Ladies Night is held on a Monday evening once a quarter, and we meet in the Lobby. It is an informal meet-and-greet with no agenda. We just spend the hour talking and sharing as we enjoy light refreshments. This is a perfect way to connect and get to know each other better.  Watch the weekly for upcoming Ladies Nights!

Scripture Sisters

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in the Word and your relationship with God, you’ve found it here! Scripture Sisters is a Bible Study which meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the Multipurpose Room. These studies are ongoing and you can join anytime. Ladies bring light refreshment and coffee is always served!

Anna’s Angels

Anna’s Angels is Southside’s Widows Ministry. Ladies gather the second Friday of each month, usually at 1 p.m. Meeting locations include homes, restaurants for a lunch date, or the church. Stop by the Anna’s Angels table in the lobby which will have each month’s location and time.

Fall Event

Every year in September, WMs hosts a fall event. Scheduled on a Saturday morning, we enjoy refreshments, fall activities, and spotlight a local ministry. That ministry comes and shares their story, how their ministry is impacting the Kingdom of God and our local community. It’s a great time of fellowship and opportunity to bless those who are sharing the Gospel.

Hearts and Hands

This is our bereavement ministry here at Southside. When families lose a loved one, Hearts and Hands assists with providing a meal following the service. Hearts and Hands are present to set up, serve, and cleanup following the meal. Meals may be served in either the Multipurpose Room or Family Life Center (FLC) depending on the number served. If this is your heart, we have a place for you!

100 Sisters

100 Sisters unites Southside women who have a common vision and heart for ministry. It’s a group of women who support WMs and all that we do to serve the Lord and each other. This is an opportunity to give $1 a week to WMs. What is that money used for? All the activities on this page including missionary outreach here locally and around the world. Some ladies just make it easy and give $52 once for the year. Any way you choose to give is appreciated.

Pen Florida District Council Events

Southside Church is part of Section 11 of the Pen Florida District. Our director is Dr. Deanna Shrodes. She is an amazing leader and woman of God. Under her direction, the Pen Florida District offers several events each year. Each one is different and each one provides an amazing opportunity for worship and anointed preaching! Carpooling is usually available for all events out of town.


This event is held each March in Tampa or Orlando. The usual format is a Thursday night dinner, all day Friday services and worship, and a final service on Saturday morning. Carpooling is available and an overnight stay is not usually required.

Summer Tour

Every summer, Dr. Deanna Shrodes completes a summer tour. She visits a church in each Section for a night of worship and preaching. Churches take turns hosting the tour. If the Section 11 service (our section) is not held at Southside, we schedule carpooling for those who want to attend.


This is the big event for the year! Scheduled every October, this is a three-day gathering which features national and/or internationally known women who present the Word in dynamic services as well as workshops. For several years it has been held in Daytona Beach and requires staying overnight. This is an organized group event and room sharing and carpooling is provided. Costs vary based on the hotel prices each year. Information is provided beginning in June. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Beyond Our Walls

Touch the World

Touch the World (TTW) is the missions arm of the women of the Assemblies of God and of Pen Florida Women. Southside WMs gives to TTW each and every month. Each year TTW supports a large number of missionaries and ministries including but not limited to Teen Challenge, Save One-Abortion Recovery, Loving Hands Ministries, Lois Breit-Single Moms, New Life Center for Family Preservation Lakeland, Empowered Masters Commission, and many missionaries and other ministries.

Here are some of Southside WMs Outreach Opportunities:

A Woman’s Choice
Catherine House
Lighthouse Ministries Women’s Area
Local School Outreach
Heartland for Children
Talbot House
Missionaries at Christmas
Others – As the Lord leads and provides opportunity

Have Questions?

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